Life in Lockdown: A Personal Journey through the Pandemic with Paolo Cuciniello’s Under Quarantine

“Under Quarantine” by Paolo Cuciniello is a captivating book that recounts the author’s personal experience of life in isolation during the initial stages of the pandemic in China. With a dynamic narrative and addressing current global concerns, this book promises to engage readers from the very beginning.

Paolo Cuciniello, a young Italian engineer residing in China, shares the various aspects of his everyday life during those challenging months of quarantine. The author illustrates the importance of adhering to the rules and the concerns surrounding the escalating spread of the infection, while simultaneously finding moments of happiness amidst the uncertainty.

In this fascinating tale, Cuciniello delves into the deepest corners of his soul, displaying the wisdom and sensitivity of someone who has found inner peace and freedom from mental constraints. Guided by the teachings of Siddhartha, the author takes the reader on an incredible journey through his world, his emotions, and his most profound spiritual dimension.

A significant part of this exploration is the author’s relationship with Coral, his great love. As Paolo writes, “Coral is my family now” – an expression of his burning desire to care for his loved ones, even from a distance. The story beautifully showcases the author’s connection to his roots in Italy and his ability to keep the essence of his home country alive, even while living in China.

“Under Quarantine” by Paolo Cuciniello is a must-read for anyone interested in an intimate and emotive portrayal of life during the early days of the pandemic. The author’s engaging narrative and insightful journey through his world, emotions, and spiritual growth make this book an enriching and truly immersive experience. Dive into the pages of “Under Quarantine” and discover the resilience and adaptability of the human spirit during unprecedented times.


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