A Child, a Teacher, a Pen and a Book Can Change The World

Between all my articles those with the higher rank on Google Search are those I wrote in English. Interesting. Interesting because I know that many people follow me from all around the world and that each of you take his own time to give it to my words but it seems that, again once, the people who suggest me to speak to an American audience (only) were right. Interesting. Interesting because then, again, it was exactly an American publisher to tell me that “people are not interested in reading about the life of a guy living in China”. The contradictions of life, am I right? But the truth is that the truth speaks to everyone regardless of the language it chooses to use to do so. The “I love you” of a wife in America isn’t difference of a “Ti Amo” of a husband in Italy. The kiss of a mother in Ukraine isn’t difference from a kiss of a mother in Russia. The caress of a stranger, the smile of a passer-by, the silence of a friend, the words of a boy who lives in China, what difference does the language you use make? I don’t know why I am saying all this. I don’t know even why this morning I am writing in English, here, while a shy sun rises at 5am of a silent Beijing. It just happened. It just happened. It just happened because with the message I want to give today I want to get to the countryside-guy who does an online search from some remote place in the world and finds my words more easily than if they had been written in Italian. Because that’s what happens; English words travel easier and faster. They just do. Exactly how the words of some rich, “successful”, young, genius guy does too. And that’s not always good, you know? We used to use our brain, our heart, our soul, our tears, our fears, our courage to see and build our dreams up. Now we just need a fucking random online video of some rich, “successful”, young, genius guy from the other part of the world that tell us to don’t go to school because schools are useless. To don’t study those schools’ subjects because those subjects are old! But ma-man, I know what you mean as well as many other people do but saying so you are not considering who will watch your video. Not a teenager who already has a great sense of self-discipline and a career behind him, I tell you that. He would have had better things to do than be online! I understand your words but will those teenagers far from being ideal and who fight for life every day also do it? Because those are very powerful words and the ears to whom they will arrive are very sensitive. The ears of a boy, or a girl, who struggle every day between choosing: the streets, the drugs, the easy money, the one million followers dream, the fried gold-air of social networks, the adrenaline experiences, the one million more “bullshits” of that age… or listening to his father/mother who tells him/her to go to school, to study harder, to dream big, to save himself from its current conditions, to look far, to invest on himself/herself, to pass an exam, to study math, to study geography, to study Latin. Obviously, these are old subjects. Latin is even a dead language by now, imagine! But YOU, country-side boy or city lost girl, don’t have to go to school for study old subjects. You have to do so to build that discipline, that strength, that endurance to do what you don’t like to do. To do what you don’t want to do. To do what you don’t like and don’t want to do at the same time. Because in life you will find those moments more than you will ever ask, trust me on that. And if you give up now, already, for a math test or an unpleasant teacher, what will you do then? Give up again? And again? And again? That’s simply give up on life because if you are not going up it means you are going down. Period. Do not listen to what other people say. Do not listen to those who tell you that they discovered the trick to get rich in 30days… its bullshit. You study. You learn. You get rich. Because richness is within ourself not within our wallet. Richness is within our head. Listen to your mother, listen to your father. Listen to those who love you and that do anything for you; from paying bills to buy you clothes and feed you. They will never tell you to stop to go to school for start to make money with an investment app. They will tell you to pass the exams and then to try too, as a hobby, the investment app. (They will even give you the initial money if you show collaboration!) If then that app really gives you some profits, well, that has to be you. Because I’m not saying that parents have our same visions, they simply can’t. They don’t have our eyes. But we don’t have their eyes either so we can’t put them down each single time just because they tell us “To study because that’s our job now”. Come on! A real man, a real woman, faces his problems, solve them and learn from them. Do not escape. Ever. And that rich, “successful”, young, genius guy didn’t run from his problems either. Otherwise, he would not have been there. Think about it

The sky suddenly changed. The shy sun rose but then it decided to hide behind some clear strong clouds. That’s good too. Rain can do no harm if there is sun within. Did you know that? And a picture just came to my mind. The picture of a murales that was on an old building in Scampia, a city in the south of Italy. The murales said: “UN BAMBINO, UN INSEGNANTE, UNA PENNA E UN LIBRO POSSONO CAMBIARE IL MONDO”. Which in English means: “A child, a teacher, a pen and a book can change the world”. Did you know that?

Murales a Scampia


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